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What does a website cost? Web Site Development Costs


UPDATED FOR 2014 (PRICES ADJUSTED BECAUSE OF CHANGES IN THE MARKET, ADVANCEMENTS IN PROCESS, AND TECHNOLOGY) This post has been updated a number of times throughout the years. This is currently it’s 4th major revision since its first posting in 2010.  You probably came here in the process of doing research. Are you a small ...


Denise Lescano | Website Launch


Atilus’ specialty is working with the trust of our clients and having the freedom to suggest and create; it is when our focus can be fully on the target and the end goals of the project that our talent truly shines. We are thankful, that from the beginning of the project, Denise Lescano (famous author ...


Community Web Award | Atilus


Giving a non-profit the ability to enact change at a faster rate then they currently yield, then they may think is even possible, is important to us here at Atilus. If we can give back what the community gave us, and effectively reach and serve a specific need, we’re on board.  It’s in this light, and nearly ...


What is a Pixel?

Pixel banner

What is a pixel? How were they created? To what extent do we use them in our everyday lives? How would things be without them? These are just a fraction of some of questions I asked myself when thinking upon this subject. Pixels are fascinating. Tiny bits of information coming together to create one object as a ...


Secondhand to a Second Chance | PACE Center for Girls


  Secondhand to a Second Chance From nearly new to gently loved, secondhand dresses were once bought to cut costs; today women have bragging rights. The secret is out, and the trend is in; finding value for less is really chic right now.  Not only are you being conscious of your pocketbook, your giving a ...


Wish List for the PACE Center for Girls

PACE Center for Girls Wish List

You may have seen us blogging quite a bit about the PACE Center for Girls’ upcoming Love That Dress! event in August (what can we say? We’re really excited). While we are really looking forward to the event, we’re also hoping to spread the word to the entire Southwest Florida community about the amazingness of ...


Finding their Voice | Lee County PACE Center for Girls

PACE Center for Girls Lee County

Love That Dress-PACE Center for Girls Love That Dress, hosted by the Lee County PACE Center for Girls, is right around the corner. This event draws the community together, rallying those around a much greater cause. It’s more than a shopping spree; the event is a chance to give back to young women ages 12 ...


Elderly Internet Use


It’s been 5 long years since my grandfather died. He suffered from pancreatic cancer, and it finally won. He had already beat colon cancer, but unfortunately this one did him in. That last year, I’d spend almost every night with him – talking about history, life, and business. One of the most interesting things I saw during ...


Donate Dresses & Change Lives

Donate Dresses SWFL

This past March, I had the opportunity to watch one of my oldest and closest friends get married as her Maid of Honor. Having been a bridesmaid before, I know all about choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress. While great for the wedding ceremony, I often see the turquoise dress in the back of my closet ...


Why Light Switches have Nothing to do with Website Development


I really don’t know that much about drywall. I like to think I do, considering that I have done drywall, but I’m mostly fooling myself. A few years ago, when we were actually living in the house we own, the basement was old, dingy and disgusting. One Saturday morning, my wife and I had enough ...


Community Building Continued | The Road To Greatness-Measuring Success

Community Building Cont

  Measuring Success In An Ever-Changing World Have you ever heard of a business standing on its own for millennia or even for more than one hundred years? If a tree can grow, prosper, and thrive through the ever-changing environment and shifting climate, a business can sure follow in its footsteps. The core of the ...

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