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What does a website cost? Web Site Development Costs


UPDATED FOR 2014 (PRICES ADJUSTED BECAUSE OF CHANGES IN THE MARKET, ADVANCEMENTS IN PROCESS, AND TECHNOLOGY) This post has been updated a number of times throughout the years. This is currently it’s 4th major revision since its first posting in 2010.  You probably came here in the process of doing research. Are you a small ...


Business Networking Tips for Introverts


Overcoming Your Fear of Business Networking Groups Business networking for some individuals can be difficult, intimidating, or a love-hate relationship (for me it’s all of the above). Establishing connections with strangers isn’t the easiest task for introverts or overly shy individuals. Believe me, I’m never the life of the party – and you don’t have ...


Internet Marketing Logic – Bonita Springs Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Logic Internet Marketing Logic has over 20 years of professional marketing experience, serving clients in almost every industry. Their clients reap the benefits of an obsession in search engine optimization that has taken IML to the top of the web optimization industry leaderboard. Internet Marketing Logic offers: Keyword Research Pay-Per-Click Link Building Reporting ...


Missed Expectations of Web Development

business meeting client expectations

The last blog post I wrote was written around the theme of Disney’s Frozen; specifically in regards to Elsa’s song “Let it Go”. The article brought to light the plight of many sales people and the need to be thick skinned in the world of sales; and of the numerous people who read it, many ...


It’s About Expectations

Harry Casimir

Effective management of your clients’ expectations is crucial for delivering optimal quality of work, which is important for keeping your customers and yourself happy. Meeting (or exceeding) client expectations is directly dependent upon how well you communicate with them. Communication is the key to understanding what the client wants from you. It is also important ...


Crossroads Treatment Center in Naples | Announcing Itself with a New Website

crossroads website cover image

Working with non-profit organizations has always been a priority for Atilus. The owners, Zach and Harry, have served on numerous boards for non-profits for years and shown their further support in providing reduced and even free services for a large number of non-profit organizations. Atilus has always believed in partnering with and helping organizations wherever ...


Iberia Bank – Estero Business Banking Services

Iberia Bank Estero In writing these thank you to everyone, I’m reminded of how old I am! We initially started banking with a local community bank – where Harry’s wife was employed. We ended up switching shortly after to Florida Gulf Bank after 2 years, because of convenience (we would have to drive almost 20 ...


Hype – St. Petersburg Graphic Design Agency

... I generally don’t envy people or companies. I try to not be a hater, and appreciate what I have and work for more… but there’s something about Hype… Hype is a design agency in St. Petersburg. In a small way we’ve worked together for years. In a large way, we’ve been working VERY closely ...


Why Racquetball is Good for Web Designers’ Thoughts


If you have ever gotten into the box to play a game of racquetball, you quickly realize that it is one of the most fast paced sports out there. It tests your reflexes in ways you have never thought possible. It moves you in ways you didn’t think were possible. One thing that I believe is ...


Educate Virtually | A New Website for a New Business Model

educate virtually business courses operations management

It is truly a great thing to get to work with friends. As Atilus grows, we focus more and more on working with partner organizations that we enjoy helping in a friendly relationship in a way that is profitable for both parties. That becomes even more fun when one of those long time friends and ...


Holmes Kurnik – Civil Law Firm

Holmes Kurnik It might seem weird for a Naples attorney to be appearing in our series of posts on partners, that’s so littered with Ad Agencies and Marketing companies. However, there’s a lot of different components to running a business – and a key component, as we’ve learned as we’ve gotten larger and dealt with ...

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