Senior Software Engineer


Killing people! Well, in video games at least takes up a small portion of my time. Just as I played video games as a kid I play them with my daughter who, just like her dad is starting to delve into the world of programming at just age 8. Now, I enjoy shooting my guns (not at people of course) as well as camping and other outdoor activities – the list could go on forever.

Music, music, and you guessed it, more music. Playing bass guitar in the heaviest underground metal band of our time, Kumora, is a large part of my time as well making our own brand of music for all to hear.

Not all of your free time can be fun and games, which is why a sizeable portion of my free time is spent furthering my knowledge and perfecting my trade.


As a young boy, I remember playing Nintendo with my brother for hours on end pondering how these amazing games were created. It wasn’t until I was 14 years of age when my uncle first introduced me to the world of programming. From there I was hooked; you couldn’t get me away from a computer. It wasn’t all video games anymore. No. Now I dreamed of the day I would get to build software that others would use, not only for the user experience, but now they would profit from it as well.

It was shortly after moving back to Florida from New York when I found Atilus, LLC, a company that is more like a small family to me. They gave me the ability to hone my skills and fill my thirst for knowledge. I have been with Atilus ever since.



The largest portion of my time is dedicated to handling the development of new software and business application architectures, ranging from small module creation and integration into existing CMS software such as Orchard CMS, all the way to the conception of entire business solutions.

Along with development and software engineering I preside over the day-to-day server management and maintenance of development and production environments as well as other services we provide and/or maintain for our clients.


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