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AdSource is one of the most-well known ad agencies in the area specializing in all forms of marketing. AdSource’s tagline has always been – “A Source to be Recognized With.” I loved it since day 1. The company always struck me as knowing and helping clients to implement what will fit in with their budget – and make the most impact at the underlying company to help bring in more business and revenue. Which is what we too are trying to accomplish. Back when we first met AdSource was ½ Mary Shallies, and ½ Bill Oberman…

I met Mary’s business partner – Bill Oberman, nearly 8 years ago at a networking event. This coupled with a timely meeting/introduction to their sales person at the time introduced me to Mary Shallies of AdSource.

We hit it off immediately. Mary is an amazing business owner and marketing exec who can quickly understand the problems of her client and solve them through creative use of the tools at her and her company’s disposal. AdSource specializes in Advertising, marketing and (of course) the web.

Over the years we’ve grown our businesses together, gone through the economic collapse in the last decade, and remained great partners through a number of ups and downs. We even contracted AdSource for the redevelopment of our own logo late last year.

Over the years Atilus has worked on dozens of projects with Mary including:

  • Rick Johnson Auto & Tire
  • Cornerstone Kitchens
  • Everglades Isles
  • Brink Results
  • Lakeside Landings
  • Divco
  • Baviello Mediation & Arbitration
  • Great Space Storage

We developed a great working relationship over the years and feel our clients have come out the better.

Thank you so much Mary & AdSource for working with us over the years. It’s been amazing to see us both grow and we know you’re a huge part of our success. Here’s to many more years, great projects, and helping our clients succeed!

Zach Katkin
Zach Katkin
Zach Katkin is the co-founder & CEO of Atilus. He is a Certified Google Professional, author, and lover of technology. He helps Atilus stay out ahead of online marketing trends and loves driving results for Atilus' clients.

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