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Are You Sure You’re Ready to Blog?

Are You Sure You’re Ready to Blog?

First of all blogging is powerful. You can take your traffic from nothing to 1000’s of visitors a day by writing a great post, and setting your blog up for success. Even Google admits blogs are a key to great websites, traffic, and exposure. But, you already know this. You’ve stalked the aisles of your local bookstore looking for that key to marketing your business. You’ve seen the books on the shelves that scream about blogging. Lawyers do it, gossip columnists do it… perhaps you can too?

Maybe you’re teetering on the edge of blogging – “I would love to try this powerful medium, but is it really for me? Do I want to spend time or money on this? “

These are great questions to ask yourself, questions you really NEED to be asking yourself – long before you commission anyone to create a blog for you. So that is why I recommend diving head first into blogging.

After a string of recent websites we’ve created with fantastic technology and blogs that have gone unused I am putting my foot down! If you think a blog could help your site – you’re right. But, are you willing to take the time to author a post every day or every couple of days? Are you willing to hire or delegate the task of writing to someone on your team? If not, blogging is not for you.

Nothing could be simpler (or personally) more enjoyable than writing about your passion anyway, right? Well, it seems not always. Whether it is a fear of writing or just “not enough time” too many blogs are being produced, but not utilized. So, before you spend anymore time thinking, or any money producing a blog, I recommend jumping over to This powerful blogging system is free and will get you immediately started in the world of blogging.

Perhaps you get caught up, maybe that 1 or 2 first hits is enough to get you excited and keep you writing for years, or maybe you don’t.

Two of our own clients have already jumped and are creating fantastic content and, by sticking to it (only for a short period), have already seen tremendous traffic:

Sterling Miller Blog – Thoughts, Tips and Sales Techniques for Bankers – Renowned bank marketer Karen Miller and Sterling Miller have created a blog dedicated to sales, marketing, and best-practices for the banking industry that promises to show local banks how to:

  • Increase Core Deposits
  • Increase Loans
  • Increase and Improve Relationships
  • Retain More Customers
  • Become Self-Sufficient

Higher Tea: A Sip of Inspiration – Dr. Pamela Gerali authors this terrific blog with tea stories, spiritual musings, lovely teapots and exotic teas.

Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier is Atilus' Director of Operations and helps to oversee all client accounts and day-to-day operations. Kristen also has a background in digital marketing, and has been working in the digital marketing space since 2012.

  • Scott L Clark

    Blogging is not only gratifying on a professional level but on a personal level, as well. I agree with this article, Zach.

    Certainly blogging can acquire and maintain a new audience for your site, but furthermore, it is highly addicting and will have you constantly brain storming for your next big hit.

    I know from writing for Atilus, that blogging is an amazing way to express my thoughts and opinions while conveying an educational message about something I am very passionate about: helping our clients and community at large succeed on the web.

    Get blogging!

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