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Welcome to Atilus, SUCCESS Magazine subscribers.

We call upon you to look deeply into how you are investing your money in your company.

As you know, much like you have been investing in your personal financial future to cultivate a business, one must actively invest in its future, as well.

Too often it is easy too easy to choose conventional marketing efforts because they are available and a number of professionals are fully capable of producing some return on your investment.

But in these times of economical turbulence, you must start looking into far more effective and cost efficient methods to market your company.

5.6 Billion Search Engine searches are ran each month, while 95% of those searches are done for local products, services, and resources by interested consumers.

But only 5% of all advertising online is spent on locally targeted advertising.

It’s a small circle, but this is where the winners hangout.

Are you a part of that 5% who is capturing 95% of Search Engine queries?

Contact an Atilus representative for consultation on how you can begin investing in the future of your company.

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Zach Katkin
Zach Katkin
Zach Katkin is the co-founder & CEO of Atilus. He is a Certified Google Professional, author, and lover of technology. He helps Atilus stay out ahead of online marketing trends and loves driving results for Atilus' clients.

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