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Atilus Launches the FGCU 20th Anniversary Website

Atilus Launches the FGCU 20th Anniversary Website

It started with land and a grand plan…the best is yet to come

FGCU at 20 Project Overview:

Atilus is excited to announce the launch of FGCU at 20, a celebration of FGCU’s grand accomplishments in just two short decades. Florida Gulf Coast University is one of the fastest growing universities and the definition of a success story. From its groundbreaking in 1997 to its national news coverage of the now-famous “Dunk City,” FGCU has grown substantially and as a team of FGCU grads, we’re excited to be a part of a promising future.

At the heart of the universities success are the people that comprise FGCU: its students, faculty, alumni, and the surrounding FGCU community. These same people are what made this website project a huge success.

The project’s main goal was to “make as many people as possible aware of the FGCU’s 20th Anniversary and make it easy for them to see, understand and relive the accomplishments of the university and those within the FGCU community.

Major Project Goals For FGCU at 20:

  • Use the anniversary as an opportunity to celebrate past progress and highlight the future
  • Highlight the impact FGCU has had on the growth and progress of Southwest Florida
  • Highlight the impact Southwest Florida has had on FGCU
  • Students are first priority – the website should reflect this
  • The website is focused around a celebration, so it should have a fun, upbeat tone
  • Integrate storytelling

Atilus’ Solutions

FGCU commissioned Atilus to design and develop a website specifically for the 20th Anniversary and together we came up with an innovative solution that would meet the universities requirements. Our web design and development solutions focused on the above project goals:

  • Mobile Responsive WordPress CMS
  • Specific CTA’s
  • Energetic, Innovative, and Modern Design
  • Highlight Campus Activities + Areas of Strength
  • History/Timeline of FGCU’s Accomplishments
  • Content Area’s for Storytelling
  • Photo Gallery and Looping Slideshow of Milestones/Archive Photos
  • 508 & ADA Compliance

We invite you to check out the FGCU at 20 website project and let us know what you think. Also, if you have an FGCU memory to share, we invite you to share it here!

Harry Casimir
Harry Casimir
Harry Casimir is our CEO and co-founder. He specializes in all aspects of technology from hosting to server maintenance and provides overall strategic direction for our team.

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