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Atilus Launches Website For Florida Advertising Services

Atilus Launches Website For Florida Advertising Services

We’re excited to announce the newly launched website for Florida Advertising Services! Florida Advertising Services of Southwest Florida is a family owned business that strives to be the best at helping visitors and locals find what Southwest Florida has to offer, while promoting local businesses in the area. John Binder, owner of Florida Advertising Services, turned to Atilus to create a new, easy-to-use website that would increase their visibility both online and in the local community. Essentially, the new website would need to become another revenue generator for Florida Advertising Services long-term.

Key Problems

When John Binder first came to Atilus, he was looking for a trustworthy, reliable and creditable project partner. A project partner that would turn John’s vision into reality. John’s vision was to become the number one resource for all things related to “What Southwest Florida has to offer”. John wanted his new website to resemble a business directory, to not only promote local businesses in the area, but to also showcase everything Southwest Florida has to offer.  John’s key problems:

  • Website did not resemble a virtual chamber of commerce
  • Website did not resemble a business directory
  • Old website was not user-friendly nor search-friendly
  • No interactive Google Map
  • His website was not Responsive
  • His website had page speed issues
  • His website was not optimized

Atilus’ Solutions

After speaking with John Binder to fully understand his goals and design preferences, we came up with the following solutions.

  • Easy-to-use site architecture – one that clearly identifies their services and ways to contact
  • WordPress template theme that resembles a Business Directory
  • Content Management System – making it easy for John and his staff to update if needed
  • Search engine optimized content – to address key services of FAS and ways to contact them for their services and advertising opportunities
  • Post-launch SEO steps – making sure the site is fully setup for optimum search engine performance



To learn more about Florida Advertising Services and to view their new website design, click here.

Harry Casimir
Harry Casimir
Harry Casimir is our CEO and co-founder. He specializes in all aspects of technology from hosting to server maintenance and provides overall strategic direction for our team.

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