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Atilus Launches Website For Gold Gerstein Group – Business Consulting Division

We’re excited to announce the newly launched website for Gold Gerstein Group’s Business Consulting Division! Gold Gerstein Group’s Business Consulting Division provides business advisory services that will help get your business back on track. They assist businesses in multiple industries such as retail, manufacturing, restaurant, construction, mechanical services, distribution & tracking, and healthcare industries. The business consultancy experts at Gold Gerstein Group have a depth of expertise and national/international exposure that will help businesses solve their toughest and most complex problems.

Key Problems:

Tony Burruano, President of Gold Gerstein Group, turned to Atilus to help give his current website a much-needed facelift. Tony and his team wanted an updated website that would help increase their visibility both online and in the local community, attracting the right clientele for their business consulting division. The desired result for Tony: “A better brand for someone searching for a CPA firm or consulting firm and increased client retention.”

Atilus’ Solutions:

After speaking to Tony, to fully understand his needs and goals, we came up with the following solutions:

  • New WordPress template that is easy-to-use that drives traffic and allows for quick on-going management of the site
  • A new user-friendly design that helps Gold Gerstein Group’s Consulting Division’s target audience focus on what is important and better communicate the mission and vision of the organization
  • Optimized website, to help achieve desired search engine rankings
  • Post-launch SEO steps
Gold Gerstein Group’s Business Consulting Division

Gold Gerstein Group’s Business Consulting Division

Harry Casimir
Harry Casimir
Harry Casimir is our CEO and co-founder. He specializes in all aspects of technology from hosting to server maintenance and provides overall strategic direction for our team.

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