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Florida’s Top Web Design Agency, Atilus, Integrates Nationwide Boat Listing API For Boat Dealers

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. – July 11, 2018 – Atilus, a full-service web design and digital marketing firm, has developed a web application connecting boat dealers to Boat Trader’s listing API – saving time and streamlining web-based administrative tasks faced by all dealers throughout the country.

Atilus partnered with Boat Trader and Fish Tale Boats, one of the country’s leading Grady-White, Chaparral, Robalo, and Avalon dealers, creating a programmed system to dynamically pull and display boat listings from Boat Trader’s listing API utilizing WordPress and a WordPress based listing system. Atilus plans to offer the new tool to thousands of Boat Trader customers across the country.

Fish Tale Boats, one of the country’s leading Grady-White, Chaparral, Robalo, and Avalon dealers has been a long-time client of Boat Trader, the widely popular boat listings directory. Upon learning that Boat Trader offered an application program interface (API), Fish Tale Boats turned to Atilus to develop a tool to dynamically integrate listings. The tool Atilus developed connects Fish Tale’s website directly to the Boat Trader system and pulls listings from Fish Tale’s account, saving countless hours and administrative tasks.

“This was a great move for our company. We take great pride in our focus on customer service and by seamlessly integrating our Boat Trader listings with our website, our team is now able to spend even more time on customer experience,” says Travis Fricke, owner of Fish Tale Boats.

The listings dynamically populate the listings using jQuery and Ajax, so in addition to saving time in uploading listings, it improved site speed overall. The development team at Atilus also built several custom widgets and functions in WordPress to display the data seamlessly within the site’s original design.

“Having worked with Fish Tale Boats for many years, we’re excited to be their continued partner in everything from print work to complex integrations with their other vendors. I couldn’t be prouder of the result. And we’re excited to bring this same system to other boat dealers utilizing both WordPress and Boat Trader throughout the country,” says Zach Katkin, CEO of Atilus.

Since Boat Trader is a national boat listing tool, the boat listing application developed by Atilus will be utilized by boat dealers nationwide. Any boat dealers utilizing Boat Trader & WordPress can immediately integrate this new tool to save many thousands per year in administrative costs.

Atilus is a local web design, web development, and digital marketing firm that’s worked with clients in several industries and all throughout the United States. Most notably, their team has worked with the first solar-powered town in America, Babcock Ranch, and Florida Gulf Coast University on various websites.

Sydney Fahrenbruch
Sydney Fahrenbruch
Sydney is Atilus' Digital Marketing Engineer. She works with clients on digital marketing activities for client accounts from monthly maintenance, to reporting and making recommendations. Her expertise includes PPC advertising, social media management, content marketing, and creative strategy.

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