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Builders Marketing – Online Marketing Tips for Naples Builders

Builders Marketing – Online Marketing Tips for Naples Builders

Does Your Naples Construction Company Have a Strong Online Presence?

tipsYour website is a storefront for all Naples builders, and without one you don’t exist.

Every Naples builder should build a solid foundation to generate a strong online presence, to capture their target audience, and to differentiate their business. If you own a Naples construction company consider your website just as important as your physical storefront presence.Before we provide our online marketing tips for builders let’s talk about websites. Websites are one of the MOST important items for your business today.

Why is your website so important to your construction firm?

Because 90% of purchases are first researched online. Your clients and customers are using search engines to find and research your business, before they learn about you. Additionally, even after you’ve met they’ll still research your business, read reviews and view your past projects on your site to figure out whether you’re a good fit for them. Your website is both an advertising and marketing tool – it allows customers to find you, but it also helps you answer all their questions, addresses their worries and is one of the most important sales tools you have.

Whether it be commercial building construction companies or residential building construction companies, VIRTUALLY ALL of your potential customers will research your business online before making a purchase decision. Our local SEO post outlines in greater detail some of the studies that were done showing how and why nearly 90% of all local purchases are first researched online (primarily through search engines).

What happens if your potential customer searches for Naples Builders or Collier County Builders in Google and you don’t appear because you do not have a strong online presence?

Answer: You don’t exist and they will go with your competitor

Many business owners tend to forget that we live in an increasingly digital world with many moving components. In order to effectively stay ahead of the crowd, Naples builders have to set the foundation early with a total online presence. You not only want to be found when potential customers are searching for you, but you also want to provide value and be that industry expert. To be an online marketing superstar in the builder’s industry you must build a total online presence, which has many elements. The following three elements are three online marketing tips that should be embedded in every Naples builder’s strategic online marketing plan.

Online Marketing Tips for Naples Builders:

1) Optimize for Mobile – Mobile Optimization for Naples Builders

How are they searching online?

According to the Pew Research Center, “smartphones have become an important way for Americans to communicate, go online, and access and share information. Mobile devices have become the primary device for some users when it comes to accessing the web.”

Check out the article for some pretty interesting facts regarding Americans and their mobile devices. Did you know that 80% of people are using their mobile devices to search the Internet?

As our CEO recently outlined in an expose on “Mobilegeddon” – Google’s recent mobile search update, it’s more important than ever that websites be optimized for mobile devices, now more so than ever before.  – yet very few Naples Builders have taken advantage of optimizing their website for a mobile experience! What happens if that potential customer searches for Naples Builders or Collier County Builders in the Google search network on their mobile device and they access a non-mobile friendly website? Pretty simple actually – you’re losing out on sales and traffic. If your website cannot respond to all mobile devices, you’re not reaching your consumers effectively.

Homework: If you’re a Naples Builder, pick up your smartphone right now and search for your company in the search network. Have your team do the same thing & have them document their user experience.

  • What was the load time?
  • How is your information presented?
  • Is your content easy to read?
  • Is your website easy to navigate through?
  • What was your experience like?

If you and your team see a negative result based on your mobile-friendly test, that should tell you that your potential client is having a negative experience as well – time to change that right?

2) Provide Helpful Content to Lead the Pack – Inbound Marketing for Naples Builders

helpful-content-trust-leads-salesHow are your prospective customers finding you online?

It all starts with an optimized content strategy – do you provide a reason for people to spend time on your website? Ask yourself if you offer value optimized content? Does your optimized content interact with its users? How often do you update your content? These are just a few questions you may ask yourself when developing or improving your content strategy. What is considered as content on your website?

  • Website content
  • Blogs
  • News
  • Events
  • PR

You should be updating your content on your website, frequently. The first part of business though is understanding what it is that your potential clients are searching for in search engines and using those keywords to your advantage to bring visitors in.

  1. Best Home Builder in Naples
  2. Naples Home Builder
  3. Naples FL Home Builder
  4. Naples FL Home Builders
  5. Old Naples Builders
  6. Home builders Naples FL
  7. Home Builders in Naples FL
  8. New Home Builders
  9. Custom Home Builders Naples FL
  10. New Home Construction Naples FL

Finally marry those prospective searches, with what you think your clients/customers want and need – along with what you know in your industry. As an example, one of our biggest construction-industry success stories – Builders Glass & The Glass Shoppe, continually update their websites with helpful glass-based design tips, helping to grow their website from 0 leads/month to dozens. This strategy has proven so successful their website is now the #1 way they get business and they’ve been able to cut thousands of dollars per month off of their marketing and advertising expenses. Now they’re even shipping glass all over the country. They added content they knew existing local clients were looking for answers to, and it led to them ranking for local and national searches and an explosion in business.

3) Differentiate Yourself and Rank Higher With Video – Video Content Marketing for Naples Builders


Courtesy of The Naples Studio on Vimeo.

How have you differentiated yourself from your competition? How are you providing value?

Video is a hot marketing tactic. A Naples, Florida based construction company, DeAngelis Diamond, differentiated themselves from many Naples construction companies by establishing themselves as a well-respected leader in the industry. They started using drones to document their building progress – and live webcams. Can you imagine the response/feedback they received from their clientele? These videos provide value to their current clients as well as all future clients; videos can provide value to a potential client if he/she was searching for past experience or project history. Videos play a crucial role in a company’s online marketing strategy, whether it is informational or simply just for fun. Things to make sure when producing video marketing content:

  1. Are your videos optimized for search engine success? Are your video’s integrated on your website and not on YouTube?
  2. Do your videos include a call-to-action?

If you have a website and keep the above 3 tips in mind, your construction business will do very well online.

Harry Casimir
Harry Casimir
Harry Casimir is our CEO and co-founder. He specializes in all aspects of technology from hosting to server maintenance and provides overall strategic direction for our team.

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