Babcock Ranch is a town under development in Southwest Florida. It will be the first solar-powered town in the US and will include 19,500 homes, an entire downtown area, school, and more. Babcock Ranch is a town that runs on solar, nature, and innovation. With its roots in those 3 areas, this will truly be a town unlike any other.

Kitson & Partners, the developers behind Babcock Ranch, were seeking a local web design and digital marketing firm to take on their new website and upcoming marketing. Atilus’ role thus far has been creating the website and executing ongoing digital marketing activities.


Babcock Ranch is a 10-year long project that came to fruition in fall of 2015. Once development was underway, Kitson & Partners was looking for a responsive, attractive website.

  • Outdated and unresponsive website
  • Not optimized for search engines
  • No lead generation tools (collecting information for potential home buyers and interested parties)
  • Little/no content


After meeting with the team of Babcock Ranch/Kitson & Partners, we designed a responsive, optimized, and attractive website.

  • Responsive web design
  • Content Management System (CMS) implementation
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing integration
  • CRM integration
  • User-friendly and search-friendly

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