The David Lawrence Center and David Lawrence Foundation have one mission: to restore and rebuild the lives of those affected by mental health and substance abuse issues in Naples and all of Collier County. Through innovative, comprehensive, and professional care, the David Lawrence Center assists thousands each year in conquering their issues with mental health and substance abuse.


Atilus worked with the David Lawrence Center on the website for their substance abuse program, Crossroads. After the successes seen with the Crossroads website, David Lawrence Center commissioned Atilus to do a complete redesign for their main website and to address the following concerns:

  • Outdated and unresponsive design
  • Poor search engine optimization and page structure
  • Not user-friendly (with a specific focus on content and ease-of-use for potential donors)
  • Unclear calls-to-action for client admissions and donations


After a thorough assessment of the existing website, the Atilus team developed a comprehensive plan for the new website alongside Trista Meister, David Lawrence Center and Foundation’s Communications Director. Using that plan, we were able to provide them with the following solutions to address the problems above:

  • Custom and responsive web design
  • Search engine optimized content and website structure
  • User friendly navigation and website structure
  • Clear calls-to-action for admissions and donations

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