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Crystal Lake RV Resort: Reconnecting Friendships for the Long-term with New Website and Social Media Interaction

Crystal Lake RV Resort: Reconnecting Friendships for the Long-term with New Website and Social Media Interaction

Once reaching the retirement years, people all over deserve the opportunity to relax and rest on their laurels in whatever way they desire. Crystal Lake RV Resort provides one of the more popular national pastimes for individuals seeking adventure with relaxation, exploration with friends and luxury with scenic beauty.

RVing is a very popular activity among adults who seek the chance to enjoy the beauty of our country and reconnect with long-term friends. Crystal Lake RV Resort, a luxury RV resort in Naples, FL, reached out to us to create an online space that can make visitors feel as though they’re standing on their gorgeous shores. Providing the utmost service in RV resort rentals and lot sales, Crystal Lake has been named one of the top 30 RV resorts in North America and is Southwest Florida’s most sought-after RV destination. Lying close to the heart of Southwest Florida, Crystal Lake has something for everyone; shopping, beaches, fine dinging, sports, and entertainment for all ages.

Crystal Lake reached out to us because they wanted to create an online space that can immediately transfer people on to their gorgeous shores. Located in Naples, FL, Crystal Lake RV Resort provides something for everyone; shopping, beaches, fine dining, sports and entertainment all in the heart of southwest Florida. Their hope was that people would load their website and instantly be transported as if they were there.

Creating True Experience for an Audience that Loves to Connect and Share

Enveloping the senses in such a way as that takes more than lots of pretty photos (of which they have tons); it takes an immersive experience where an individual can connect to the people, the activities and even the weather.

Atilus created a website for them that does that and more! Connecting to numerous different social media outlets, visitors can see others’ photos, watch videos, post comments and share their own experiences. Live weather feeds let everyone know what paradise Naples FL Weather Crystal Lake RV Resortis like on a daily basis and with Crystal Lake’s blog feed, they are never more than one click away from the latest news and information!

Based on multiple conversations with Rob and the team, target research and our own experience, we provided two main solutions:

  • Website Design focused on their Target Audience
  • Mobile Compatibility on their website
  • Blog and Social Media Connection for Instant Communication with their Target
  • Search Engine Optimization

“We would like to thank Atilus for our awesome new website here at Crystal Lake RV Resort.  The reviews we have received from homeowners, renters and prospective buyers have been a unanimous “off the charts”!  The professional look and the ease of navigation are highly commendable.  Special thanks to Phil Stalnaker for helping to integrate all of our social media into this website and maximizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In today’s world, it is nice to know someone who carefully listens to your needs and then delivers MORE than expected.”

-Rob Ducharme of Crystal Lake RV Resort

Custom Web Solutions to Bring Technology to the Retiree Population

Market shares clearly show that the fastest growing population for social media, search engines and website visits are individuals over the age of 40. That means our baby boomers are speedily getting up to date with internet technology and are now looking for that deeper and more meaningful connection online. It isn’t just about looking up pizza joints anymore. No matter a person’s age, the web is a place for us all to connect and share our lives with each other, and Crystal Lake is finding success with this market group. By providing a BEAUTIFUL online landscape with the ability to interact and connect with everyone, this website is already experiencing an influx of leads and reservations.


Crystal Lake RV Resort in Naples, FL

We were able to provide Crystal Lake RV Resort with a homepage that puts the visitor right on the beach, back-end control of their website to update content and keep the site fresh and lively, and optimized content for search engine rankings.

Rentals are Just the Start

Crystal Lake Luxury RV Resort in Naples, FLWith a creative use of certain areas of their blog space, Crystal Lake RV Resort is giving visitors the opportunity to shop for permanent locations as well! Visitors can see what lots are available with photos and descriptions, allowing them to make complete, thought through decisions.

Through our easy-to-use back end features, the team is able to upload new property listings that appear just like a well-designed MLS listing with photos and information, including:

  • Property Details
  • Easy Contact Form
  • Photo Slideshow 

Experience What it Really Means to Reconnect

We’re extremely proud of this project and our dedicated team for making it happen! We look forward to our continuing work with Crystal Lake while helping their business grow and reconnect people with friendships of all ages from all over the world!

For more information on Crystal Lake RV Resort and to check out their new website, visit

Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier is Atilus' Director of Operations and helps to oversee all client accounts and day-to-day operations. Kristen also has a background in digital marketing, and has been working in the digital marketing space since 2012.

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