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CSS: A Look into the Future

CSS: A Look into the Future

As you read this there are people working on furthering the advancement of web design. You know, like CSS3 and stuff. Well here is something that will really knock your socks off. Webkit is the next generation of web design. Here is a rundown of some of what it can do already:

gradientCSS Gradients
No more will you have to rely on a solid background color or having to create an image to get a background gradient. Webkit allows for CSS gradients. You will be able to style any type of gradient you desire down to where the color stopper is placed (just like Photoshop).

CSS Transforms
Think of an image that you have on your page. Now let’s say you have this crazy idea of rotating it 10 degrees, or maybe even the whole site 30 (because you’re just that insane about rotations). Well Webkit allows for CSS transformations. This entails not just rotations but resizing and skewing as well. It makes the image and keeps its relative position and makes the transformation without disrupting the rest of the content around it. SWEEEEET!

transitionCSS Transitions
Stark rollovers are a thing of the past with CSS transition. This allows for smooth rollover transitions. For example, let’s when you rollover the white background link on your page it will fade or “transition” to any color your heart desires. This can be combined with other Webkit CSS features. Anyone in the mood for a square blue link to transition to green while rotating 15 degrees and getting twice the size.  Crazy! Yes. Cool! Double Yes.

maskAnd finally
CSS Masks
This code allows you to mask images to any shape you can think of. An image can be masked by another image, an SVG vector graphic, or even CSS gradients (see above if you forgot already). But let’s say you want to mask something else on your page (because your web design madness has run wild). Well you can. Masks can be attached to any HTML element, including forms and video.

OK, time to calm down and come back to reality. Don’t look for this type of technology to run rampant all over the internet. Webkit is still under production. Plus it can only be implemented under certain browsers and other applications. Neither IE nor Firefox is on that VIP list, but Safari is.

So the future is here, but still out of reach (does that make sense). If you are still at the edge of your seat wanting more you can visit WebKit and get all the latest news and information about what is going on with this new technology.

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Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier is Atilus' Director of Operations and helps to oversee all client accounts and day-to-day operations. Kristen also has a background in digital marketing, and has been working in the digital marketing space since 2012.

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