Designing an Email Newsletter

A great way of marketing is email newsletters.  Though this method may seem a bit outdated, but there are still followers who do not like to use social media in general. For people who are interested in your company/organization they look forward to that monthly or weekly mailer that goes out. Sure, a decent amount of people will throw the emails in the recycle bin, but that’s just the way things are. There are certain design methods that will help get your message across as opposed to not being seen at all.

  1. Keep things simple. You don’t need to have paragraphs and paragraphs on your email newsletter. That’s what your website is for! The email newsletters main purpose is to get people over to your website so it needs to be enticing. A user most likely isn’t going to sit and read over a 300-word email (I know I am not). Don’t shove information down the user’s throat, instead give them a chance to learn about you and what you’re offering them.
  2. Use a hero image. A hero image is a great way to get your message across in under a couple seconds. Adding a button here is also a great idea, you display the message and an action that they can take if they want to pursue. Your email should always have a call to action.
  3. Include your logo on its own. Make sure that your logo is very prominent in your email, it is very important that the user knows/recognizes your logo. Otherwise they may think the email could be unofficial.
  4. Add contact information. A user may have questions about a certain product or service you are offering. Good things to add here would be: social media, phone number, address, and reply email. These methods of contact information also work as a sort of validation that you are a real company and you aren’t hiding under a fake address etc.

There are many different variations and ways to create an email newsletter, but it is always best to keep things short and I cannot stress that enough. Millennials barely read anymore!

Our designer specializes in the UI/UX Design included in Atilus’ services and stays current with the most popular trends in his area of expertise. He/she makes sure that Atilus’ designs are at a top notch quality to deliver results to Atilus’ clients.

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  • Abegail Louise Acosta

    Great article, this really helps me a lot as a newbie in this industry working in a professional website development company.

    • Ryan Ulrich

      Absolutely! Glad I could be of assistance to you!

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