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Tips for Aspiring Web Developers: Perseverance, Flexibility, and Patience

Tips for Aspiring Web Developers: Perseverance, Flexibility, and Patience

We typically draft blogs that will be useful for our clients and companies out there that may be looking for digital resources. Here, we’re taking a bit of a different approach.

We thought this post may be useful for someone looking to get into a career in web development and the inner workings of learning web development firsthand at an agency. The below post is from our newest team member, Matt Walavich, about transitioning into a career in web development.

Entering the World of Web Development

Transitioning careers in your 30s can be a daunting task. Landing your first developer job may make that task seem almost impossible.  As an entry level developer, imposter syndrome may take the wheel that’s driving you more times than not.

Did I pick the right career? 

Did I just get lucky in getting this job? 

Will my coworkers find out I’m a fraud? 

These are all things that pop into your head as a new developer. Some days you spend countless hours working on one task that seems so simple once you complete it. Other days you get on a roll and feel like you are on top of the world. Then, there are those days where you feel like you are just an expert at Googling solutions to problems. I’ve talked to many other developers and they have all been in the same place at multiple points in their careers.

One thing about being a developer is that you are always learning something. Technologies and languages change so often that in order to succeed in this industry, you must be comfortable with the fact that you will never stop learning.

There are dozens of resources out there to help developers learn new skills to add to their toolbox.  When push comes to shove, the best way to learn is to make something from scratch.  You can do all the tutorials and code-alongs you want, but to really learn a new skill you must get down and dirty.

You will spend countless hours Googling answers and asking other developers questions to try and solve problems that arise. You will have your “ah ha” moments when something finally clicks, and you will have days where you want to toss your laptop out the window.

Sticking with It

Perseverance is a must in this field.  Thousands of others have gone through the same things you are going through right now.  Even senior developers have their days where nothing goes right. The beauty of this job field is that there are so many resources and people that are willing to help. The developer community is one of the more open communities where people are more than happy to share ideas, practices, and offer help when needed.

Developers are constantly reinventing the wheel when it comes to problem-solving.  One of the biggest challenges as a new developer is coming up with what works for you. Things can be done in so many ways that your first few projects might seem a little overwhelming. Coming up with your own developer flow will set you up for success.  It’s not always just about what you know, but how to properly implement what you know into what you don’t know.

Here at Atilus, we’re a team of creatives that are constantly refining the way we work and learn. We learn new things so that our clients can come away with feeling the sense that they’ve chosen the right company. As a web developer – and I can speak for our agency as a whole – we’ll never stop learning. And we encourage those just beginning in the web development field stick with it. After all, it doesn’t happen in a day, it happens daily.

Sammi Merritt
Sammi Merritt
Sammi is Atilus' Front-End Developer, and specializes in developing custom Wordpress sites. With 5 years of experience in web development and a strong interest in creative web solutions, she works to build sites that look great and run smoothly.

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