Don’t Mess With Google, Duplicate Content

Don’t break the rules! I just discovered an interesting thing. My colleague, senor Scott Clark, wrote a post about his new blog I did a quick search for the title online:

Atilus does pretty well, between 1 & 2 depending on when you search. Not bad at all! Google is routinely indexing the site and we have seen our posts on Google in as little as 5 minutes.

But, as many of you know I authored a post the other day on “How to get on,” and I decided to quick see if that one was popping up:

No Atilus. Strange.

I then searched for the actual page and wah-lah (is that how you spell that)…. nothing.

It seems that Google completely ignored or excluded this page from their index. Why? Well, it is really my fault. Most of it was copied (although cited) verbatim from the original post.

The point is DO NOT COPY TEXT FROM OTHER websites. It will not be indexed and may hurt your rankings.

I am going to lick my wounds, edit the post, and pray that Google forgives me.

Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier is Atilus' Director of Operations and helps to oversee all client accounts and day-to-day operations. Additionally, Kristen has worked in digital marketing for 5+ years and has helped create digital marketing plans for hundreds of clients.

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  • VAZQUEZCatherine23

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  • Zach K.

    Ha… it’s a short plaid skirt. I’ll keep you posted on if the updates make an impact.

  • Alex Holt

    The plot thickens smile

    “Thanks Rex but why you looking at my blockquotes? (or lack of). That’s pretty personal.”
    reminds me of this page: – hint: have a look at the source code. wink

    I’d be interested to see if changing it on your post makes it start getting indexed. Curious to know though.

  • Zach K.

    Taking it from all sides on this one. Janet… thank you for the spelling correction. I have since rewritten the post and everything is good now.

    Thanks Rex… but why you looking at my blockquotes? (or lack of). That’s pretty personal.

    Update: I checked a previous post I made with a similar ratio of uniquely written text (by me) to copied content (but this time the copied content was in Blockquotes):

    The page is healthily indexed and sending traffic. It seems blockquotes do have a profound impact on how Google views your content. Moral of the story is: don’t straight copy & semantic coding really does make a difference!

  • Alex Holt

    This is really just a guess (but google are smart right?) I wonder if google would still consider it duplicate content if it was blockquoted and there was a smattering of commentary in between paragraphs. Zach: in your article about techcrunch it kinda looks like you wrote it, there is no differentiation between your opinions and Guy’s information…

    My thinking is, google are smart, so their algorithm would(or should wink ) handle paragraphed information differently to blockquoted information.. (I have no evidence to suggest either way)

    But maybe you could test this, drop in blockquotes around the borrowed content and whack a few simple opinions about each point into the body of your article and see if it makes google pick it up wink

  • Janet

    It’s spelled voila (hehe). Sorry about the bummer… I have heard that you can edit your page and resubmit if you are banned but I’m not sure. If the rest of your content is on Google still, I would say you are still in their good graces. Please keep us posted smile

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