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Don’t pay for your ad; let it pay for itself!

Don’t pay for your ad; let it pay for itself!

Regardless of your market, industry, or business size there are many great ways to make money online. Of course, everyone wants to expend as little as possible, while generating as much as possible. Well, it is your lucky day because I am going to explain to you a way to spend nothing unless you are making something.

Only on the internet can you deploy a marketing campaign that allows you to brand and reinforce your corporate identity with money generating possibilities without spending a dime unless you make significantly more than a dime. Only on the internet can you spread your marketing reaches to new, untapped resources to expand your business without reaching into your pocket until it’s time to put money in it.

How the hell is this? I know you are asking yourself that very question… well, I have an answer for you: Affiliated Marketing.

What the hell is that?
Well, open your mind, read thoroughly and learn something.

Affiliated Marketing (AM) is the future of online marketing, and perhaps the future of all marketing. People are typically very unsettled about incorporating new methods of marketing into their current campaigns because there is a risk to lose money before you make it. With AM you don’t risk losing any money and you only pay out when you make money. Yes, you make the money first and then you pay.

Very simply, as an affiliate, you place your advertisement on web sites that agree to publish it. That advertisement will sit their branding your business and your site until someone clicks on it. Do you pay when someone clicks? NO. In fact, you only pay once a site visitor purchases a product or service from your website. If somebody purchases a product or service from your site as a direct result from clicking on that advertisement, then you pay the advertiser a commission of that sale. That level of commission would be previously decided upon between you and your publisher(s).

This is great isn’t it?!

Here are some tips for successful Affiliated Marketing:

1) Enroll in Affiliated Marketing Networks, which will provide you very easy access to thousands of business already involved in these sort of programs enabling you to contact them to potentially publish your ad. Some great Networks that I have personally seen great success through are and They will not only help you become successful by aiding in your networking, but they make billing and commission payments an automated sinch.

2) Target websites that fall into your market sector but are NOT competition. For example, if you are a computer wholesaler, you wouldn’t want to place your advertisement on other computer wholesaler’s sites(and they probably wouldn’t publish you anyway), but you would want to place your advertisement on a video gamer website.

3) Be creative when looking for publishers, don’t go for the obvious because so is everyone else. For example, if you are a title company of course you want to be on every mortgage banking website, but what about being on a Divorce Attorney’s website? These newly separated individuals will be looking for a house soon.

4) Keep excellent track of your analytics. Nobody wants to publish an ad for a company that doesn’t have documented proof of their unique visitors, page views, and ultimately their sales. Keep very detailed history reports to showcase to these potential publishers that they can make money off you too. That is ideal, for both parties to make money.

5) Don’t have those records because you lazily lost track or perhaps you are a new website? Don’t worry. Start off small. There are other companies in the same position you are who are looking to get involved as a publisher but don’t have a history report or are new, as well. Give them a chance, and they may give you a chance. You both stand to gain experience, knowledge, and money!

6) Offer discounts to these new markets. You are extending your marketing reach to a new area outside of your current campaign reach. With that said, incentively encourage new clients or consumers to try your product or service. what do you have to lose? This is market you otherwise weren’t reaching anyway. Also, this will encourage publishers to carry your product. Sales sell better.

7) Use this an opportunity to test new products, services, discounts, or anything for that matter. Remember these ads can run on contract without payment until the ad produces revenue. With that understanding, use this as an opportunity to get creative to explore your limits and to introduce new things to consumers. Who knows, you may discover your next big hit without paying a cent to test the market.

8) Do your best to make the ads profitable! Remember, you don’t have to pay to run your ads, but the publishers also don’t have to continue carrying your ad if it doesn’t produce results for them. So, design aesthetically pleasing ads that will generate revenue for your publishers. Change your advertisement often, and offer great discounts to help make your publishers money too. You can also offer sales contests or limited time additional commissions for your publishers to encourage them to sell more for you. As long as they are making money so will you.

9) Keep an eye on your ads, how they are being presented and how they are placed. If your ad is located in a less than profitable area ona website, ask that it be moved. If you realize your publisher is behaving in a way that you do not want your service or product associated, then remove your ad entirely. As much as advertising can help you, it can hurt you, as well. Keep a close eye on your ads.

10) Ask local companies with websites, that are not necessarily active in a Affiliated Marketing Network, to publish your advertisement. To make it easier, encourage them to get involved in the same network you are. if they refuse but are still interested, then have them publish your advertisement anyway, but the billing and commission payments will have to be done manually.

Now that you see the awesome potential of Affiliated Marketing, get involved! Start making more money!

And next week, I will address how to be a successful publisher. And yes, you can be both!

If you have any questions or comments, I love to hear from our readers and will promptly respond.

Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier is Atilus' Director of Operations and helps to oversee all client accounts and day-to-day operations. Kristen also has a background in digital marketing, and has been working in the digital marketing space since 2012.

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