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Enewsletter Schedules

Enewsletter Schedules

Enewsletter Schedules – How Often Do I Send Enewletters?

Enewsletter CalendarWeb Design & Pay Per Click Marketing Campaigns aren’t the only things that can benefit from statistics or analytics analysis. It is very important to monitor and adjust all aspects of your web marketing efforts, according to your data, in order to better serve your audience.

It is from our observations, from our own enewsletter, as well as all of our clients’, that we have determined that 2 weeks is the best time to allot between enewsletters.

2 weeks is the best enewsletter schedule!

With all of your efforts online keep the following in mind:

You’re damned if you do too much.
Damned if you do too little.

As I’ve stated before the web crowd is fickle and across all audiences, too little valuable content will either lead to nothing, no sign-ups, contact, conversions, etc. or will mean your already established user base will begin to fall off.

Inversely, the same is true. Provide too much in your face content (usually through the use of an enewsletter) and users will get upset, delete your emails immediately, or worse mark them as spam.

The balance you must strike between content and delivery varies across industry and is, in large part, determined by your relationship with your existing users or enewsletter base. You need to give your audience time to digest your suggestions (give them time to reap the benefits) and then allow them to develop a thirst for more.

2 weeks seems to be the best overall schedule to allow this. Author your blog and add content to your web site as much as you’d like, get that content in there! I often spend nights and weekends typing posts that I have to get out of my head, but don’t feel it necessary to send an email with every post.

This post was authored for two reasons:

First, it is a common question we are often asked “How often should I schedule an Enewsletter?

Second, upon analyzing our own efforts, the negative effects of sending an enewsletter too often, became clear as we watched the number of opens and clicks (people who would like to know more about the topics or information within your enewsletters and click through to your article or site) plummet.

The following picture is a great example of how too many enewsletters can drop readership:

Constant Contact Enewsletter Scheduling

All things the same, our own enewsletter (which only has a few hundred very close friends and colleagues) was drastically affected by a decrease in the amount of time between emails. Almost everything was the same, the from address, the day, the time, the only difference, instead of two weeks, we shortened the life cycle to just one!

Our open rate fell 22%, and our click through rate fell even more, from 25% to less than 10%, a decrease of 60%!

Don’t feel that your audience needs every update post. Be especially wary of enewsletters, think of them as a phone call or a physical visit, space them out, make them special and use them with discretion.

To review: What is the best schedule (or amount of time) between sending enewsletters?

2 weeks


Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier is Atilus' Director of Operations and helps to oversee all client accounts and day-to-day operations. Kristen also has a background in digital marketing, and has been working in the digital marketing space since 2012.

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