FL State Unemployment Taxes Headed Higher

This is a special guest post courtesy of our Payroll company Olde Florida Payroll. We’ve been using their services for years (thanks for saving us big dollars over PayChex!), but they always send these helpful email newsletter. With the launch of our new site we’ll be working together to bring you the best of their helpful information. As always if you have any questions or comments, feel free to add your two cents below!

This news is nothing new for Florida businesses that have been paying attention.  Many of you recall the ‘UT Interest Assessment’ bills that were mailed out early in 2011, charging all businesses for their share of interest on our loans from Uncle Sam.  Look for those bills to continue.

Florida businesses must ‘pay the piper’ at some point.  For years we had some of the nation’s lowest unemloyment taxes, and as a result of that poor fiscal tax planning, we ran our unemployment fund into insolvency.

Now more than ever, winning the ‘winnable’ unemployment claims is important, as each lost claim results in a higher rate and substantially higher taxes on all your employees.

How can you play defense?

My best recommendation:  defend yourself with [Olde Florida’s] HR Pro Support offering, which gives you unlimited phone and email consultation with our partner HR experts.  Work with them to develop good, airtight hiring and termination processes so you have a solid defense against baseless unemployment claims.

For businesses wanting more artillery in battle, [Olde Florida] also offers ‘SUI Defender’ unemployment claim service, where Olde Florida researchs and responds on your behalf to the state when new claims are made.  We can’t guarantee the state’s ruling, but you can be sure that you’ve replied promptly and accurately to a claim, maximizing your chances of winning.

Zach Katkin
Zach Katkin
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