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Google is much more than a search engine. It is the ultimate, most advanced network on this planet. No company can outshine Google at this point. It is without question that Google, along with the internet revolution has made our lives so much easier and has changed the internet for the better. With that being said, when comparing to other search engine resources, Google includes an astronomical variety of programs and new product developments. Most of them are not very familiar to most people. Before I joined this internet marketing team and started exploring the tools associated with SEO, I know I wasn’t aware of Google’s capacity. I have been introduced to a great amount of Google applications and was so impressed that I wanted to become more experimental with After playing around with for several hours, I was so astounded that as a result of this brief research on the corporation, I can shamelessly admit that I have become seriously consumed and overly obsessed with it.

What do you know about Google?

Besides the search engine, I am sure you are all aware of Gmail, Picassa, Google Earth, Google maps, Google Images & Videos, yet there is still so much more. Google’s website is comprised of desktop products (standalone applications and desktop extensions), mobile products (online and downloadable), hardware products, web products (advertising, communication & publishing, development, mapping, search, and statistics), and even more.


Don’t worry, I will go through a few of these handy applications and will explain some of the “Google Tricks” that I picked up on.

The first Google product that I found interesting was IGoogle. IGoogle is a personal Google webpage designed by Y-O-U, complete with multiple tabs of your interests (ie. Art tab, News tab, Humor tab, Entertainment, etc) as well as the search engine across the top of the page. You can design your Igoogle page so it suits you. You are able to make a personal to-do list, calendar of you personal events, your horoscope, and more that you can design for your homepage. One can create an IGoogle page by visiting to

Google Notebook and Google Docs are also useful apps, but they are entirely different. If you are at a website and come across content that you would like to save for later, Google Notebook allows you to highlight the content, clip it to the e-notebook so it is saved for future use, and finally add comments about the selection. This is very helpful, especially when researching a topic. Google Docs on the other hand is perfect for uploading, editing, and sharing your own documents, presentations, and spreadsheets with others on the web.

Google Sky is a particular function within Google’s mapping designed to view the stars and galaxies. There are several other off-the-wall mapping tools that are attention-grabbing too. To name a few, there is Ride Finder and Google Transit. With Ride Finder, it will show the real-time position of participating shuttle, limousine, and taxi service in 14 US cities. Google Transit makes planning public transportation trips trouble-free.

Goog411- By adding the number 1-800-Goog411 to your mobile’s address book, you can call Google’s 411 Directory for various listings and directions. Also, by adding the number 46645(Google SMS) to your phone, you can text Google to find out all sorts of listings. Google SMS can provide people with local businesses, weather, glossary, sports, movies, flights, weather, translation, stocks, airlines and more. Example: By texting Google with “Weather, 33928”, you will receive the weather forecast for that area.

Google Answers- Have a few questions? Google’s question and answer service allows users to pay researchers to answer your questions.

Google Calculator- Are your math skills a little weak? Well worry no more. Google, The Math Master, has made it incredibly simple for you! Type in any equation into the Google search engine and it will automatically calculate it for you. How neat is that?

Scholar- If you are researching a topic. Google Scholar provides relevant scholarly journal articles on the topic you are investigating. Professors and college students will love this app!

Blogging and Google Reader- Blogging addict, you’re in luck! By joining Google Blogs and Google Reader, you can blog on your own and can also subscribe and stay up to date with all of your favorite blogs. Google Reader is a tab located at the top of your G-Mail account that categorizes and updates your most preferred blogs and blogging sites. With this added application, you can participate daily in blogs and share them with friends!

Google toolbar- If you decide to download the Google toolbar, you will never see a flashy ad or mock computer system alert pop-up again. Phewww!

Google talk- Google Talk is very similar to Skype in that it allows you to IM and call your contacts for free from your computer. It is beneficial for communicating between businesses and for keeping in touch with close friends and relatives.

Real player- I was completely unaware of this tool. If you enjoy downloading music and videos in your spare time, this is ideal for you. This Google gadget allows you to transfer music and videos to your Ipod or MP3 player. Simple as that!

Google’s Business Solutions are extremely helpful for Atilus and we use them consistently throughout the day. We use Google’s Adwords account for SEO and PPC. We also use Google Analytics to monitor the traffic on our clients websites and our own. Google’s other business solutions services are located at

The tools I have listed are only a few selected from Google’s limitless list of entertaining and useful applications. Google even has different kinds of communicating services and social networking memberships within its site. If you are interested in seeing what else Google has to offer, visit or browse around on

Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier is Atilus' Director of Operations and helps to oversee all client accounts and day-to-day operations. Kristen also has a background in digital marketing, and has been working in the digital marketing space since 2012.

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  • Karley Hall

    Thank you Sue for the post. I just read your attached article on Google Alerts and that particular feature seems incredibly useful. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Sue Scaletta

    Thanks for the tip on using Google Notebook and Google Docs.  I wasn’t aware of these features.  I use Google Alerts everyday to keep an eye on my topics/keywords of interest.

  • Karley Hall

    Andreas- I appreciate your participation in our blog. Thank you for your response to my article. Google is unbelievable and it is still on the rise. Check out Google Labs at to test some of Google’s future applications! Thanks again.

  • Andreas

    So true – I am using almost every service of Google available and useful in Europe and there has never been something comparable…

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