Retail Web Design

Retail Web Design

Retail web design and development takes many forms. Atilus has developed online solutions for businesses in the retail industry for years. Typically, this takes the form of an online shopping cart. Although, with specialty retail goods, your website is only the start of a sale and it’s estimated that a majority of retail sales are driven by the web.

Retail Web Design Considerations

Although we take our retail clients through the same process that all of our web design and Internet marketing clients go through, the retail space has a unique set of challenges and questions that must be considered before any development begins.

Each product, sector, and business is unique and as such so are the design and development challenges we run into and all must be unified within your unique brands and company needs.

What Are Your Margins?

A high-end watch manufacturer and a kids’ play toy are vastly different products each with their own price-points, margins, and marketing/design requirements. We start you at square-one: “What are your margins?” It might be a shocking question for your web design company to ask, but it’s vital to our mission, as we can’t help you if your own pricing doesn’t allow and we want to ensure your success now and for years to come. We’ll work with you to set budgets and build an amazing site that meets the expectations of you and your audience, and drives revenue.

Product Launches

We have helped clients execute large and small scale product launches across many different industries online. The larger your existing audience and referral/partner network, the better the eventual launch. With online advertising and a growing market of goods and services online, odds are there’s a market for your goods and services online.

Retail Marketing Plan: What’s Your Budget?

With transactions from the web being the #1 driver of online retail business, we often won’t allow the business owners and marketing directors we’re working with to ignore online marketing. We feel this is a mandatory step in the process of gaining business online. This is not something that comes later, so we start our discussions in this space with this as part of step #1. With a vast understanding of the technical requirements, such as pay-per-click marketing, keywords research, search engine optimization, and other forms of online marketing, we can show you what your market looks like and how much business we estimate we can bring you at various budget levels.

Retail Clients We’ve Worked With

Fish Tale Sales & Services
Panache Desai
Wholesale Power Tools

Newton Distributing
Team Holly
Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida


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