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If you are familiar with our website and blog, you could probably guess that our preferred content management system (CMS) is the Orchard CMS. Orchard CMS is an Open-Source content management system based on the  .NET Framework and backed by Microsoft. It allows end-users to create, update and publish content to their website without getting into any code. The Orchard community also offers hundreds of powerful add-ons which help us meet our client’s needs. On top of all this, Atilus has developed over a dozen modules for Orchard, many of which are published to the Orchard Marketplace.

Orchard CMS

Why Orchard?

So why do we love Orchard CMS so much? It’s simple! Having been building content-managed websites since 2004, we have had the opportunity to work with several open-source options, some commercial CMS options, a few proprietary systems, and even built a few of our own. When we stumbled upon Orchard CMS, we knew we had finally found what we’d been longing for. Orchard CMS is the most powerful, flexible, and secure .NET content management system we’ve found. With Orchard, we are allowed to develop very dynamic content-management capabilities for our clients in a cost-effective way. Orchard also gives us the capability to scale our clients’ websites as their needs change without costly rework.

Moreover, Orchard provides an easy-to-use interface for administrative users to manage, update, publish, and maintain content without the knowledge of code. Not only does Orchard make life easy on your team or company, but also provides valuable flexibility for future development and growth.

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