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Babcock Ranch, FL

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Babcock Ranch

About the Client

Babcock Ranch located just north of Fort Myers in Southwest Florida and will be home to 50,000 future residents. Atilus was commissioned by the Babcock Ranch team in 2015 to build a website and digital marketing plan. Since then, the website has undergone 4 major updates and we continue to maintain and update the website and provide digital marketing services.

Live Site


Analyzing our client’s goals helps us to determine how to structure their website and marketing plans. For this project, the goals were simple.

Goal One

Present Model Homes.

Goal Two

Encourage Event/Downtown Attendance.

Site Architecture

Since our goals were to sell homes and get people downtown, we structured the website in a way that would help to accomplish those goals. For this reason, “Real Estate” is one of the first major sections. Additionally, we created an entire “Downtown” section to highlight all there is to do in Founder’s Square.

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Sitemap for Babcock Ranch's website
A view of the Babcock Ranch website homepage on a desktop monitor, ipad, and iphone screen

Responsive Design

Babcock Ranch’s design has undergone a few major revisions. The latest includes a complete overhaul of model home presentation. We created a filtering tool that allows users to filter based on price range, desired number of bedrooms, and other standard real estate inquiries.

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Events, flyers, social, logos

Promotional Materials

To supplement ongoing marketing efforts, we’ve also created event brochures, wine labels for their farm-to-table restaurant, logos for their utilities company and coworking facility, and other miscellaneous print materials.


Ongoing Maintenance

The Babcock Ranch website undergoes revisions every month or so. As this town is developed and new ideas are introduced, we accommodate by making sure the website is in tip-top shape. This includes website speed testing, making sure it works 100% on mobile devices, adding new content, and more.


Digital Marketing

We’ve worked with Babcock Ranch on all facts of their digital marketing. This includes Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Advertising, and retargeting. In addition to paid digital marketing, we’ve also drafted blog content, email newsletters, and more.

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