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Bay Water Boat Club

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About the Client

Bay Water Boat Club is a family owned and operated business in Bonita Springs, Florida. They offer local Southwest Florida area residents with exclusive boat club services. The boat club membership is available to those avid boaters that would rather spend more time boating than taking care of a boat. If you are interested in membership benefits, contact the Bay Water Boat Club team for more details!

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When Bay Water Boat Club first came to us, they had an outdated website that did not portray the membership benefits and the business effectively. Bay Water Boat Club is one of the longest standing exclusive boat clubs in Bonita Springs, Florida and we wanted to ensure that the website highlighted the benefits of the boat club membership and the level of professionalism the team exhibits at Bay Water Boat Club.

Goal One

Highlight Membership Benefits + Expansive Boat Fleet

Goal Two

Responsive Design.

Site Architecture

The sitemap made sure that we accomplished the above goals, while providing the user with a seamless experience. The new updated website makes it easy for visitors to find the resources and information that they need. The site is functional and does a good job at displaying the fully loaded boats that are available to members.

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Responsive Design

Responsive design was one of our top priorities here. More people than ever are accessing the internet and interacting with brands via mobile devices. The existing Bay Water Boat Club website was almost impossible to use and read via a mobile device, but now the website is fully responsive and adapts to all devices.

Search Engine Optimization

During the website build, we edited the content slightly to match keywords people were searching for in relation to their boat club services. Additionally, we ran through our extensive post-launch list, where we get the website’s SEO foundation setup once we go live.

Ongoing Maintenance

The Atilus Team still works with the team at Bay Water Boat Club monthly to host and maintain the website. Our hosting plan includes support time, amazing security, daily backups, and more features to ensure their site is always up and running

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