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Boxing Weekend

The Biggest Party Weekend in the South

About the Client

Boxing Weekend is an annual tradition at the University of Tennessee. Students travel from all over the south to attend this annual even that raises money for the Golden Gloves Charity, which benefits at-risk youth in the Knoxville community. They came to Atilus in 2015 in the hopes of us redesigning their website, which was previously designed by one of the chairman of the event.

Live Site


The previous website design was good, but it did not allow for ticket sales online. It also was difficult for the event staff to track boxers that signed up to participate.

Goal One

Increase Event Ticket Sales Online.

Goal Two

Allow Boxers to Easily Register for Matches.

Site Architecture

The sitemap made sure that we accomplished the 2 above goals. We started first with a section about the event itself. What was it? What did it do? One challenge the Boxing Weekend team faced was that everyone just assumed it was a big party, when in fact, all the money raised benefitted a local nonprofit. We also created very specific sections for Boxers and Attendees, so it was clear to the end user where they need to go to purchase tickets or register.

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Responsive Design

The design for this website proved to be one of the coolest ones we’ve ever worked on. Rick and Charlie, our points-of-contact, wanted something bold and fun and it resulted in a website that stands out in our portfolio! It was also important to us and the client that the site was mobile-friendly as the key target audiences were college students, which use their phones to access the web.

Search Engine Optimization

During the website build, we edited the content slightly to match keywords people were searching for in relation to their event/organization. Additionally, we ran through our extensive post-launch list, where we get the website’s SEO foundation setup once we go live.

Shopping & Ticket Integrations

The main goal of the website was to sell tickets online. Using TicketLeap, a ticketing software, we could seamlessly integrate the ticket purchase feature into the site. Boxing Weekend also makes hats, shirts, and other misc. items available to attendees via the web using Square. Our development team could integrate the Square Software so that products would display on the page and look as though they were on the website, when they were housed on Square.

Ongoing Maintenance

The Atilus Team still works with the Boxing Weekend team monthly to host and maintain the website. Our hosting plan includes support time, amazing security, daily backups, and more features to ensure their site is always up and running.

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