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Compass Construction, Inc.

Leaders in Commercial Construction

About the Client

Compass Construction, Inc. is a commercial construction company in Cape Coral, FL. They’ve worked on many notable projects, including construction for any new Suncoast Credit Unions in our area. We began working with Compass Construction in 2015 when they needed a new website. At that time, their website was outdated and unresponsive, which needed to be fixed.

Live Site


Compass Construction had two goals in mind when starting this project with Atilus:

Goal One

Create an Attractive Website for New Leads.

Goal Two

Rank for “Cape Coral Commercial Construction”.

Site Architecture

The website’s sitemap was created based on our experience in construction web design. Whether it is commercial or residential, it’s important that construction websites list out services and projects. Projects (or a portfolio) is probably the single most important area for potential prospects to see, which is why it was listed in the main navigation.

Responsive Design

After meeting and working with the client, it was expressed to us that the site had to look sharp. In construction, there is a lot of face-to-face and network marketing that takes place, wherein a potential prospect would then take to the internet to review the website. Hence, design on this one was key, and SEO fell second on the client’s list of goals. The client wanted to make sure that the design represented that they are the experts and have served Cape Coral’s commercial construction needs for the last 30+ years – even making it through the Great Recession of 2008 (where SWFL was the worst affected).

Search Engine Optimization

By thoughtfully placing keywords throughout the content, structuring the website in a certain way, meta information, and other steps, we were able to get Compass Construction’s website setup with an SEO foundation that their team could maintain. In fact, their website currently ranks on the first page of Google for “Commercial Construction Cape Coral.”

Ongoing Digital Services

We continue to work with the Compass Construction team on marketing and maintaining their website. Compass Construction currently utilizes remarketing ads designed by Atilus to convert visitors that went to the website, but did not take any action. Compass Construction’s website is also on our standard hosting plan, which comes with amazing security, great load times, and 24/7 up-time.

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