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About the Client

e2comply is a regulatory compliance company that helps clients in various industries comply with the regulatory standards of their industry through their different products and services. They came to Atilus to help create a new website that will accurately convey their products and services to potential clients and help them capture new leads.

Live Site


e2comply had three goals in mind when starting this project with Atilus:

Goal One

Accurately reflect industry expertise & clientele.

Goal Two

Design a new, modern user-friendly website for potential customers.

Goal Three

Increase website leads & digital conversions.

Site Architecture

For a company in a specific niche industry, we aimed to keep the site architecture as simple as possible. We designed a sitemap and pages that listed their products and services and were sure to include a portfolio page so potential clients could view examples of their work. The design accurately reflected the modern & user-friendly look e2comply was looking for.

e2comply sitemap image

Content Optimization

With the many products and services that e2comply offers, it was important to make sure the content accurately reflected all their services. We collaborated with their team to fill the website with descriptive content on all their products and services, and make it optimized for search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

In addition to content optimization, we include an extensive list of search engine optimization techniques to help their website rank in search engines for relevant keywords, helping potential customers find them and thus capturing new leads.

Ongoing Hosting & Maintenance

We continue to host and maintain the website for e2comply. Our standard hosting plan comes with 24/7 uptime, amazing security, top website speed, and a dedicated Client Services Manager to manage their account.

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