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Empowered Global, Inc.

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About the Client

Empowered Global, Inc. is an electrical contracting company in Bonita Springs, FL. They provide electrical services to both residential and commercial properties and assist in remodeling where there is a lot of electrical work required. We began working with Empowered Global in 2015 when their company was just getting started and they needed to establish their online presence.

Live Site


Empowered Global, Inc. had two goals in mind when starting this project with Atilus:

Goal One

Establish an Online Presence.

Goal Two

Create a Professional, User-Friendly Site.

Site Architecture

When creating the sitemap for Empowered Global, we needed to ensure that we covered both types of electrical services: residential and commercial. We also made the decision to place About before any services because Empowered Global was a new company at the time. Schedule an Appointment also ended up in the main navigation because we wanted to help reach the goal of user-friendliness for their audience; having the call-to-action in the main navigation helped us do that.

Responsive Design

Nowadays, it is common for a majority of a website’s traffic to come from mobile devices (including tablets). This trend has only continued and each of the websites we create is responsive and built to work on devices on all kinds. Empowered Global’s website was no exception. We were also tasked with creating a professional design – one that communicated their professionalism and promptness.

Search Engine Optimization

By thoughtfully placing keywords throughout the content, structuring the website in a certain way, meta information, and other steps, we were able to get Empowered Global’s website setup with an SEO foundation that their team could maintain.


Business Card Design

As Atilus began to move into traditional marketing services, we designed business cards for Empowered Global and their team.

Ongoing Web Services

We continue to work with the Empowered Global team on several services: ongoing blogging for SEO on the website and website hosting. We are thankful to have Empowered Global as clients and look forward to our continued work together.

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