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Florida Gulf Coast University

It All Started with Land & A Grand Plan

About the Client

Florida Gulf Coast University is a state university in Fort Myers, FL. FGCU broke ground in 1997 and was getting ready to celebrate its 20th anniversary as we began the project. This was a special one since most of our team consists of FGCU Alumni and our cofounder, Harry Casimir, is heavily involved with FGCU. The Florida Gulf Coast team approached Atilus to design a website just for the 20th anniversary celebrations and we happily obliged!

Live Site


FGCU asked us to accomplish the following goals:

Goal One

Highlight Impact FGCU in SWFL.

Goal Two

Reflect Opportunities for Students.

Site Architecture

We proposed a sitemap that would take users along the journey of FGCU’s development. Starting with the About section and ending with Memories, we were able to compile all the information FGCU had to offer for this 20th anniversary celebration in an easy-to-navigate way. Our favorite section of this site was the Memories, where we got to create a Pinterest-type gallery of favorite moments submitted by FGCU staff and alumni.

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Responsive Design

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, we were asked to create a bold, new design to match the amazing culture of FGCU, which is unlike any typical state university. There was a special logo designed just for the 20th year, which we incorporated with the traditional Florida Gulf Coast University logo. We were thrilled to learn that the FGCU team had video taken just for the homepage video banner, which takes users on a fly-over of the university.

Search Engine Optimization

To properly optimize the website, we made sure to add proper keywords throughout the meta data and optimize the text where we saw fit based on SEO. Additionally, we ensured the site loaded quickly and was responsive for a user to browse on any device.

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