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Forensic Construction Consulting

Leading the Way in Forensic Construction Cases

About the Client

Forensic Construction Consulting is an investigative company dedicated to analyzing and assisting in the resolution of building failures. Their mission is to provide their clients with a plan that provides comfort in a time of crisis when dealing with building failures and construction defects. We began working with Forensic Construction Consulting in 2016 on their website redesign and had a very specific set of challenges for us to work with.

Live Site


Issues with the previous site revolved around presentation. FCC has worked on multi-million-dollar deals and with high-level clients, and it needed to be reflected in the site design.

Goal One

Improve the Website Design to Match High-Level Projects.

Goal Two

Better Demonstrate Their Technology Advantage.

Site Architecture

The sitemap presented services first and then led into their clientele, past projects, and information about the company. We really wanted to present the services in a way that they’d be easy to find for a client looking for them as well as any opposing legal counsel that might do preliminary research. The “Clientele” section was created specifically to speak to certain audiences they were familiar with (which helped SEO as well).

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Responsive Design

We had a lot of fun on the design for this website! The team at Forensic Construction Consulting wanted something bold and intimidating, which is not a type of website we usually get to create. As such, you’ll find a lot of bold typography and jaw-dropping images. Additionally, as with every website, we designed with devices in mind ensuring that it would work on phones and tablets.

Search Engine Optimization

This is a niche industry, but after some keyword research, we found that there are indeed still people searching for their services. (This is a common comment we receive when we speak to people about SEO.) We completed keyword research to write the content and tag properly throughout. Additionally, we ran through our extensive post-launch list, where we get the website’s SEO foundation setup once we go live.

Ongoing Maintenance

The Atilus Team still works with the Forensic Construction Consulting team monthly to host and maintain his website. Our hosting plan includes support time, amazing security, daily backups, and more features to ensure their site is always up and running.

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