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Guardian Ad Litem Foundation

Helping Kids in Crisis in SWFL

About the Client

Guardian ad Litem Foundation (GALF) is a non-profit organization that helps children who have experienced abuse, abandonment, and neglect, providing them resources and ultimately find them a safe and loving permanent home. They came to Atilus to help them develop a new website to share their mission and make donations easier.

Live Site


Goal One

Create a more consistent, user-friendly website

Goal Two

Include a calendar to outline important upcoming events

Goal Three

Implement a better system for handling forms and applications

GALF website

Site Architecture

The main goal of the site architecture was to make donations as easy as possible. We created a simple layout of pages so the user can quickly navigate and find the information they are looking for with calls-to-action to donate displayed prominently.

Responsive Design

We designed & developed the site so that it would be responsive – meaning it would display and function properly on all devices including mobile phones and tablets. We ensured that all forms were able to be completed on mobile devices, which most users use to access the web.

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Search Engine Optimization

We wanted those that are looking for information on GALF to be able to find the website, so we optimized it for search engines. Throughout development and post-launch, we followed a series of technical and content-driven steps including metadata and carefully placed keywords to ensure the site will come up for relevant searches.

Ongoing Hosting & Maintenance

We continue to securely host the website for GALF on our servers and provide them monthly maintenance to help with updates.

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