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Lee County Economic Development Office

About the Client

The Lee County Economic Development Office (also known to as Lee EDO), provides business assistance to organizations in Lee County and those looking to relocate their businesses to Lee County. The Lee EDO has worked with some of the largest corporations in Southwest Florida, including Chico’s FAS and Gartner.

Atilus began working with Lee EDO in early 2017 as they were looking to really revamp their online presence. Lee County doesn’t exactly have the reputation of being a big business community given our beaches and vacation-like lifestyles and we were commissioned to help Lee EDO create a website that would push past those misconceptions.

Goal One

Make local business owners aware that Lee EDO exists and is here to help them grow.

Goal Two

Attract business that are out-of-state to relocate to Lee County.

Goal Two

Design an inviting, clean website that is easy for people to use.

Site Architecture

We’ve worked on a handful of other economic development website designs and we found a few key pieces of information that need to be presented on the site to reach the goals as outlined above. This includes demographic information, why open/relocate a business to Lee County, and site selection tools (like commercial property searches). Additionally, the Lee County EDO offers a few community projects that are focused on growing communities within Lee County, such as Lehigh Acres, MLK, and North Fort Myers.

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Responsive LEE EDO website on desktop, ipad, and iphone screens

Responsive Design

In our initial meetings with key personnel, they shared that one of their major issues with their previous websites was that it wasn’t mobile-friendly. As such, we created a website that was built to work on all mobile devise as business owners operate on-the-go.

Built with HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap

Search Engine Optimization

One of our major goals was to communicate to local businesses that the Lee EDO exists and is here to help. Therefore, we targeted keywords such as: grow my business, how to grow my business, how to market my business, etc. to get in front of those audiences. For relocating businesses, we targeted other keywords such as “relocate my business to Florida.”

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Ongoing Hosting & Maintenance

We continue to work with the Lee County Economic Development Office to host and support their website. Our hosting provides peace of mind for our clients through daily backups, 24/7 monitoring, our team to help make changes, and a dedicated Client Services Manager.

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