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Shelly Olsen, Realtor

Lifestyle Real Estate in Bonita Springs, FL

About the Client

Shelly Olsen is a Realtor specializing in the Bonita National community in Bonita Springs, FL. We worked with Shelly previously as she was in a group with another Realtor, but she has since branched out into her own community. To help establish Shelly as the Realtor to work within Bonita National, we created a clean, attractive, and optimized website.

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Shelly had two goals in mind when starting this project with Atilus:

Goal One

Establish presence for “Bonita National”.

Goal Two

Create a clean, responsive website.

Site Architecture

We worked with Shelly to define the pages for her website based on what we know has worked for real estate clients in the past. One feature that we know has worked is separating homes by home type vs. neighborhood. Additionally, we’ve understood that our real estate clients’ clients want to know WHO their Realtor is before working with them, hence the “About Shelly Olsen” section.

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Responsive Design

A major part of SEO is having a website that responds to all devices (hence, responsive design). We designed Shelly’s website to do just that. It works flawlessly on mobile phones, tablets, and other devices users might use to access the website. We also crafted her site around her branding (logo, colors, etc.).

Search Engine Optimization

Real estate is a competitive marketing – especially in Southwest Florida. To help overcome this, we optimized the text within the website as well as the keywords within the code to ensure that Shelly comes as close to #1 as possible for her desired community.

Ongoing Marketing & Maintenance

We’re proud to be working with Shelly on digital marketing and run pay-per-click campaigns to get traffic and conversions on her website. We also host the site and make ongoing changes as needed.

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