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Part Three: Press Releases for Different Strokes

Part Three: Press Releases for Different Strokes

Tying this back into knowing your media audience, not every press release you write will be noteworthy or newsworthy. What you consider news, others may consider advertising. At the same time, your competition is likely trying to build relationships with key media personnel to build their Name ID, reputation, and service offering for their clients (or maybe they’re not, and if so, don’t read this, and forget about everything written here…)

However, the main point of this subsection is to explain that the content of the press release must be tailored for different folks. That said, Atilus’ particular specialization is in technology and good news. We have determined that entirely too many news and media outlets publish content that is fluffy, disturbing, or downright damaging.

We provide an alternative to that (and, in that sense, if a competitor was also trying to get good news out, more power to him or her).

Whereas many folks are interested in Lindsay Lohan’s probation and other such nonsense, we focus on a person’s triumphs, a community’s shared accomplishments, or our client’s great achievements. We think that these are the kinds of “news” releases that media ought to be focused on. Many decry the slogan: ‘if it bleeds, it leads’, but few are actually proactive about changing that.

Atilus is.

Official Press Release

There is a difference in being officious and official in your press releases. “Newsmakers”, such as politicians ‘create’ the news. When they send out a press release it is picked up. They are “news makers”; we make no such claim.

The rest of us need to be careful not to rub too many too much in the wrong way. That takes practice, humility, and a deep commitment to providing good content.

In terms of style – I would suggest that this is becoming increasingly less important as the communication means are diversified with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. You’re probably better off focusing on content to make your press release as official looking as possible. Avoid being flashy. You may turn off newspapermen and women who don’t care for fluff. On the flip side, NEVER be sloppy.

IT Press Release

Bringing this to a close and giving our reader the complete picture of the importance, usefulness, and best practices of press release writing, we want to close with our niche sales pitch. You can read this and take the steps to be as proactive and thoughtful as you’d like with your media management, or you can hire a firm that has a track record for marketing, media relations, and client retention.

Client retention is the HUGE final word in any IT company. Press releases that come from Atilus on behalf of our clients reach a specific, targeted audience. Our business is to write to get you picked up…

…and even when they don’t pick up our clients’ good messages – the best part of being at the landmark Florida web design and development company is:

We use the internet to make your voice heard.

Call us today!

Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier is Atilus' Director of Operations and helps to oversee all client accounts and day-to-day operations. Kristen also has a background in digital marketing, and has been working in the digital marketing space since 2012.

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