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Why Racquetball is Good for Web Designers’ Thoughts

If you have ever gotten into the box to play a game of racquetball, you quickly realize that it is one of the most fast paced sports out there. It tests your reflexes in ways you have never thought possible. It moves you in ways you didn’t think were possible. One thing that I believe is most important is learning how the ball can bounce and how just a slight spin can change things dramatically. Occasionally, the ball will have some variable that will move it in a direction you didn’t think was possible and you have to account for that with how quickly you can move.

What Does Racquetball Have to do with Web Design?

Web design is a profession that involves a lot of researching and learning. This is because of how much things can change unexpectedly – just like in racquetball. Every now and then, there are these breakthroughs with different programs, applications, styles, color schemes, icon packs, patterns, etc. that change everything. What you thought was the best way to do something can change in an instant with the development of some new tool.

Aristotle once said “All men by nature desire to know” and these are things that one would have to be on top of, otherwise they could end up behind the curve putting out less efficient and less quality work.

Subjectivity in Web Design: Expect the Unexpected

Clients change their minds a lot – just like the ball in racquetball does. Change orders are things that you must expect. Because not everyone has the same eye, you have to be open to criticism and new ideas. As I said in my previous blog, different colors and shapes can give people certain feelings. Changes are going to happen and occasionally the client will have a great idea (believe it or not). A web designer has to be able to reply and let them know WHY it is a good or bad idea. As long as you have justification or reasoning behind the ideas, the ball should end up easily right on your side of the court. I absolutely promise.

Here is a cheesy video of me 5 years ago early in college as I was just learning how to play, I still had a lot to learn here, but also make a pretty awesome move.

Just as in this game of racquetball, I’ve had to learn a lot about expecting the unexpected and about the delicate balance between fast-paced changes, web design trends, what’s right, and overall client requests.

Sydney Fahrenbruch
Sydney Fahrenbruch
Sydney is Atilus' Digital Marketing Engineer. She works with clients on digital marketing activities for client accounts from monthly maintenance, to reporting and making recommendations. Her expertise includes PPC advertising, social media management, content marketing, and creative strategy.

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