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Rick Johnson Auto & Tires

Rick Johnson Auto & Tires

From Rick Jonhson Auto & Tires   We are a family owned & operatedbusiness that has been serving Southwest Florida for many years. We want only the best for our employees, customers, and community.  We offer the top quality parts and tires, but at a fraction of the cost of the big guys. Stop by and visit us the next time you need any repairs, service, or tires for your vehicle – you’ll be glad you did!

Rick Johnson Auto & Tires needed to partner with Atilus to increase customer awareness of its stores Southwest Florida. Atilus was designated for brand management and a full marketing campaign launched online. In addition to website management and content development, we work closely with Rick Johnson promoting their awesome services with Social Media & Online Marketing. Check for more information.


  • Website Management
  • Internet Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media integration

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