Touchscreen Displays, The Future

Amazing new touchscreen technology. This new “multi-touch” touchscreen technology will let us use and manipulate computers and software in whole new ways. The video features some great examples of manipulating images and software with multiple fingers, hands, persons, etc. and could in fact be the way we use and interact with computers in the future.

I think the two things that have been barriers for touch screens are their accuracy and price. Perhaps, this new cheaper technology will address price, but (and it may actually be the fault of the size and clumsiness of our fingers and not the technology) until accuracy is addressed I don’t know if we can really use touchscreens to control computers.


Zach Katkin
Zach Katkin
Zach Katkin is the co-founder & CEO of Atilus. He is a Certified Google Professional, author, and lover of technology. He helps Atilus stay out ahead of online marketing trends and loves driving results for Atilus' clients.

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