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Web Design Colors: Do Men and Women Respond Differently?

Web Design Colors: Do Men and Women Respond Differently?

A few weeks ago I joined Atilus as the company’s first intern. However, I am very new to the web design business. When I came across Atilus, I was incredibly interested in the company and hoped to gain significant knowledge of web design and internet marketing. So far I have. My recent experience with Atilus has been especially beneficial and all of my co-workers have been extremely helpful by introducing me to the world of web design and how it works. The other day, my boss and co-worker asked me to research the best color-schemes for middle-aged women. This really sparked my interest because I had no idea so much thought was put into each individual website created. Instantly I questioned, “Do men and women respond differently to web design colors?”, that is when I went into my in-depth research mode to find out. From my research findings, it was evident that color does matter for each gender.

It wasn’t a surprise that the color blue was a commonly favored color of both genders, but I didn’t expect that yellow was the most disliked by men and women. Blue is appealing because it has a “calming effect”, but who would have thought that yellow would prevent people from visiting a website? Apart from their similarities, men and women have an abundant amount of contrasting color preferences. I originally thought that women’s favorite color was pink, but each study I viewed proved me wrong, demonstrating that pink was only appropriate for young girls and that a woman’s color-preferences vary with age. A few websites I found affirmed that women respond more strongly to website colors than men do and are more attracted to cool colors, tinted colors(instead of shaded ones), pastels, de-saturated, and earthy tones. With maturity, colors such as blue, purple, and green (blue-greens and turquoise) were of greater liking over bright colors with hues of longer wave length such as red, orange, and yellow. Purple was noticed as a soothing color for women, especially lavender because it evokes feelings of nostalgia and romance for women. On the other hand, purple and blue-green colors do not have the same effect on men. In no such way do men find these colors mysterious, romantic, or spiritual. Men are drawn towards the “less colorful”. They find deep shades of blue, green, and black the most appealing. Deep shades of the popular color blue are said to reflect authority, stability, and intelligence; while dark green colors are associated with environment, renewal, and health. Lastly, men’s most preferred color is black. In conclusion, I have been able to point out the similarities and differences between men and women’s specific color preferences. When designing a web page for women, soft “cooling” colors of blue, purple, and green should be used. Deep colors of blue, green, and black are more suitable when targeting men. If you are trying to create a website to appeal to men and women, it will be easy to attract them with the color blue. , , , , ,

Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier
Kristen Bachmeier is Atilus' Director of Operations and helps to oversee all client accounts and day-to-day operations. Kristen also has a background in digital marketing, and has been working in the digital marketing space since 2012.

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  • Payel (HIP)

    Great post!Highly interesting and informative.

  • Meaghan McCann

    Wow Karley!  Groovy topic to research!  Great info. Good going!

  • Karley Hall

    Thanks for the feedback, Scott! grin

  • Scott L Clark

    Brilliant! I am happy to hear that you are learning so much and enjoying your time here at Atilus. We certainly appreciate your new and refreshing perspective and insight, particularly displayed in your latest blog posts.

    Certainly, there is a great amount of research and analysis that is put into everyone of our projects prior to creation and solidified prior to launch. Web colors among competitive research, regional research, demo research and overall market analysis is very important to the success of every site.

    Additionally, sites are not just built for the human eye.  With modern advances in the ever demanding algorithms that Google uses to rank websites organically, websites must be built for ‘robots’, as well. I wonder what color they prefer. wink

    Great job and welcome to the team!

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