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Web Directories Your Website Should Be In

Web Directories Your Website Should Be In

We always get this question here at Atilus, “are directories still helpful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? And if so, which ones are the best to submit to”. The answer is always the same: “it depends. If you’re talking about low-quality directories (a.k.a. link farms), don’t waste your time with them. But there are still some very good directories out there.”

Below is a list of the few good web directories left we have compiled, but they aren’t free. And that’s the reason most webmasters stay away from them. That makes these directories a lot more exclusive and links from these sites a lot more valuable to your website.

Another reason these directories are so good is that actual humans review the submissions they get and approve/decline requests manually; based on the quality of the sites they review. Because they only add quality sites to their indexes, links from these directories are worth A LOT more than links from spam directories.  These directories are good for SEO and they can also drive very qualified traffic to your site.

Here is the list:

  • ( ) – $299/year
  • Best of the Web Blogs ( ) – $75/year
  • Yahoo! Directory ( ) – $299/year
  • Web Beacon ( ) – $39.99, one-time fee
  • DMOZ ( ) – This is the only free directory on the list. Submit your site to it and move on. They can take months (if ever) to approve your listing.
  • Best of the Web ( ) – $149.95/year
  • Gimpsy ( ) – $49, one-time fee
  • Skaffe ( ) – $44.99, one-time fee
  • WOW Directory ( ) – $43, one-time fee
  • Aviva ( ) – $49.95/year
  • GoGuides ( ) – $69.95, one-time fee
  • Starting Point ( ) – $99/year
  • JoeAnt ( ) – $39.99, one-time fee

Happy hunting…

Harry Casimir
Harry Casimir
Harry Casimir is our CEO and co-founder. He specializes in all aspects of technology from hosting to server maintenance and provides overall strategic direction for our team.

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