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staircaseWe are very excited to announce our new client relationship with Florida Stair Works. Over the last couple months we’ve been working hard to redesign and optimize their nation-wide stair parts website as a part of their sister entity All Stair. This website which up until has been optimized, reconfigured, and we’ve applied a new design for is based on the Core Commerce hosted shopping cart.

In the near future we hope to upgrade the entire shopping cart to NOPCommerce, or another system

It was a pleasure getting to meet Doug and Chris and getting a grand tour of their amazing facilities in Fort Myers. They produce many of the parts/supplies in their shop right off Alico road and have a giant laser guided cutting tool that helps them create the most amazing – and precise – stair designs. Take a look at some of the amazing stairs they’ve created below:




After our tour Chris explained they had recently won a coveted Stair Craft award (the only firm in Florida to do so) from the Stair Manufacturers association at this year’s 2015 Conference. According to the SMA’s website:

The SMA StairCraft Awards recognize the best of our industry in Aesthetics, Stair Safety, Quality Workmanship, and Technical Challenge. All contestants compete anonymously and are judged by their peers in the industry. There is no higher honor. SMA members are eligible to compete.

Congratulations to the Florida Stair Works team and we’re excited to be working together on AllStair.com.

More About Florida Stair Works:

Florida Stair Works follows through on every step of the project. They deal with homeowners, contractors and designers working with them to design and build the most beautiful stairs throughout the state of Florida and “are there for their customers for each and every step.” For over 32 years Florida Stair Works has learned what it takes to make their customers happy.

They make designing, building and installing stairways a simple process without stress so you can get on with the business of enjoying life.


Zach Katkin
Zach Katkin
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