What Does a Website Cost?

Questions to Consider

What are your major goals?

We’ll guide you in selecting the tech and digital marketing, what’s most important is learning about you, your business, and your goals.

Are you looking for design work, online marketing, or programming?

Knowing that each of the above is different, requiring different members of our team and expertise is important – we’ll recommend the right mix.

What is your time frame for your project?

We remove the headache and confusion of web-based projects and digital marketing. Having a clear timeline upfront helps. Typical launch of a new basic website is less than 4 weeks from agreement.

Have you thought about what your project might take?

We have the experience, staff, and customer service to back up our pricing and we’re always less expensive when considering results providing an average 9x increase in business for our clients. For more information on pricing please review our blog post on website pricing.

Have you run a software project before?

If you have great! We’ll be a few steps ahead. If not – have no fear, we guide you along the process COMPLETELY and HANDLE EVERYTHING for you.We do need your feedback, availability and trust.

We just wanted to thank you for stopping by our site, and reading our “what does a website cost” blog post. As a token of our appreciation, we’ve created a free Whitepaper – “How to Plan & Develop a Website.”

Download Free Whitepaper – How to Plan & Develop a Website

No matter where you are in the website development process going through this simple, 22-page guide, you’ll be able to better understand the process you’ll go through when developing a site, and it should help you save time and money if you end up going with a developer.

Should you prefer to simply gain an understanding of what your own project will take, we’re offering free consultations. Simply fill out the form on the left, or contact us via phone immediately: (239) 362.1271.

For more information on our web design sales process continue reading:

  • Preliminary Inquiry

  • Scheduling

  • Meeting(s)

  • Research

  • Proposal/Contract

Web Design Sales Process

Although every project is different the following is a guide to our web design sales process:

Preliminary Inquiry

Depending on how we get in touch, an Atilus team member may be available immediately to work with you to begin talking about your project. But, we may need to schedule a preliminary meeting or phone call as we receive dozens of phone calls and opportunities every week. We have clients all over the world and are accustomed to coordinating schedules, setting up virtual meetings via GoToMeeting, or we’re just as happy hosting you here in our office in beautiful Bonita Springs or in our Naples office.


We understand you’re busy and on each of our walls is an Atilus poster reminding everyone to respect your time (our clients). During the initial inquiry steps, because we could be working on any number of things prior to you wanting to join our family, we’d appreciate that same understanding and respect.

Getting To Know You Call

We start with a preliminary meeting to gain a sense of who you are, your company, and your goals. The process of developing a website and Internet marketing plan is similar to creating a building. We have a lot of details we’ll need to work out in order to make a recommendation. The more information you provide during this meeting, the faster, easier, and more successful your eventual project. By the end of this meeting we’ll know whether we’ll want to continue to work together or not.

Preliminary Research

During this preliminary call we’ll guide you down a path to understand your needs from a business AND technical perspective. Our best clients provide us, after initial evaluation, with the trust to help guide them on the web. In this light we’ll take your needs and match them to the proper tools and strategy. We’re always keeping your bottom-line in mind, and ONLY recommend the right tool, for the job, at the right time. We’d prefer a stair-step approach on projects and marketing, where we make less money, but together we achieve greater long-term results.

Proposal & Contracts

In our final meetings we’ll present our preliminary findings and recommendations along with a proposed amount to achieve your unique goals. We have contracts that further outline the important details of your project and set the guidelines for our working relationship.


Pre-production refers to all of the activities our team goes through before we begin our relationship. All of the following happens in the background while you’re working with our new client team to plan out your web project and Internet marketing.


Behind the scenes we’re working to research software, our past research and experience, and combining it with everything you’re communicating to the new client team to provide a great solution.

Client Launch Meeting

Once we’re ready to move forward we have a client launch meeting. You’ll have an opportunity to meet your designer, your client service manager, and other members of the Atilus team. Each one has been working to plan the details of the project and next steps to make the process as simple and easy for you as possible.

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