Windows 7 – What it Means For Your Business

Microsoft has finally listened to the users of its Operating System and decided to build Windows 7 around users’ feedback.

Did you submit your feedback to Microsoft for the Windows 7? If you did, I have to say thanks because the new OS is awesome.

I had the chance to mess around with the new OS and yes, they have worked a lot of kinks out.

Will you upgrade to Windows 7 this year? Do you might telling us why?

Harry Casimir
Harry Casimir
Harry Casimir is Atilus’ co-founder and Director of Technology. He oversees the strategic technical direction of the company among many other things he has his hand in at the company.

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    Windows 7 Upgrade is for people who are already running Windows XP or Windows Vista and want to upgrade to Windows 7. It is less costly than the full version of Windows 7, but you must already have a legal license for XP or Vista.

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